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Posted by Parsujera - 4 days ago

Hey fellas! UPDATE TIME

I plan on start giving drawing classes by feb 15!

Classes will be done via my Discord server, via audio or text (which one you prefer)

2 classes per week: one for studying what you need and other what you like!

Also you'll have access to my server so I can send feedback etc whenever needed.

Price is 15 Usd / Month. Payment via paypal :)

If you're interested, send me:

- which days of the week you guys want and / or are free to have classes?

- which time of the day you guys want and / or are free to have classes?

- would you be more comfortable having classes via voice or text?

- Time zone you live in

I'll open 5 slots this time. Depending on how it goes I'll open more later :)

If interested send me a DM or contact me on parsujeransfw@gmail.com


Posted by Parsujera - November 3rd, 2020

Heey! Took some time to rest but now I'm back! First of all, thanks for the feedback with my school thingy idea. Gonna explain in details now!

I want to form a group of 15 - 20 ppl (I don't think I'd handle more haha) to have 2 classes of 3 per week + feedback on lessons / personal drawings whenever needed, at the price of 20 USD / month.

Classes would happen in discord. I plan on dividing people into groups based on time zones etc, as I have free time all week and can adapt it to work with groups etc

I don't reaally want to record or put stuff on gumroad etc, I want to give people the experience I had with drawing classes, which was a small group having an close learning experiencie with the teacher. People had different skill levels 

and helped each other constantly, which was really awesome. Price is exactly what I used to pay when I started taking classes (Based on BR currency), and honestly I just want continue what my teachers started. 

I'll prob start them by january, as I need to work on several lessons etc haha

Hope I've been clear! Have a nice one everybody :)


Posted by Parsujera - October 27th, 2020

Heeey people!! I have some important questions to ask you guys: Would you be interest in having digital art classes with me? Teaching and helping people with art

is something I always loved and, unfortunately, It never worked out IRL. If there's enough interest we can discuss prices n etc, I'd love to start working with it :)

I'm working on a DS server rn if anyone wants to talk a bit or see me stream etc. Dunno why but streaming gets me pretty anxious, so I'll start with DS and see where it goes haha


Posted by Parsujera - November 23rd, 2018

I'll be posting both sfw and nsfw here :) Prob mostly nsfw as it's what I've been working on more lately haha 

Thx for your support! Be sure to follow me on other sites as well:

Deviantart   Twitter   HF

You can contact me at parsujeransfw@gmail.com