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Parsujera's News

Posted by Parsujera - 2 weeks ago

Heeya ppl! So, ngl these past couple weeks (months even) have been pretty frustrating for me, for a lot of reasons. IRL stuff aside, I feel that even tho I'm way more confident than ever before with my stuff, my growth got pretty stagnated. At this point twitter is just messing everyone up and I got the hard ghost ban treatment, so my reach is pretty much gone haha

Also, my patreon really didn't go as I planned, it's been declining on support on the last months. I wanted to reach at least something around 100-200 usd in order to actually change my income a bit, as my goal is to get more support here in order to be able to get less commissions per month. As much as I love working with commissioners, I've been doing that for 6-7 years now. I want more time to draw stuff for me, and rn I can't as I just don't have the same energy as I had before. Guess I'm just getting old haha Welp, I'm struggling but slowly managing to take control of my routine and be healthier in order to get that energy back tho :) let's see how it goes!

So, for nov / dec I'm not changing anything here, but starting in 2023 I'll change pretty much most of the tiers / rewards here. It seems like the tipjar tier doesn't really get that much interest so the 1usd one might be gone. Tier 3 with access to the polls and alternate versions will stay :)

Plans for future content includes:

- PSD files

- Tutorials

- Focus on bigger projects that I feel I do way best than pinups n stuff, like comic pages / sequences

- Access to livestreams

As for prices and etc, still not sure, but I'll certainly have something concrete on that till next month.

Sry for the long post and hope you guys still enjoy / follow my journey as I go on. I'll be back by wednesday for more wips n stuff.

Till then, have a nice one :)



Posted by Parsujera - February 3rd, 2022

Heya bois n gurls! How you're doing? :)

Passing by to say that I've created a new 3$ tier on patreon with exclusive futa variants! First one is the last gwen pic!

If you wanna check it out, here's the link :D

Parsu's Stuff is creating Illustration | Patreon



Posted by Parsujera - January 20th, 2022

Heya people! Sooo I have some news today. I'm kinda on a break from comms rn, and having this time off made me realise that I ~REALLY~ need some rest. Like, really @_@ I

ve been doing commissions for 7 years now, and I guess I got to the point that I need to do something else for a while. Last year I was absurdingly slow with my comm queue and I feel this year's gonna be the same. So it's the best

if I pause my comms for a bit in order to properly recharge my energies. I know my queues have been "closed" for some time but that's because the queue was so big I had to stop taking new requests haha So, as much as I love doing comms I really need to fully stop them for now.

Hope you guys understand. More stuff to come very soon <3


Posted by Parsujera - December 11th, 2021

Heya guys! Just passing by to say I've opened a patreon! Rn I have a tipjar tier and a student tier (for those who wants to join my classes! :D )

Parsu's Stuff is creating Illustration | Patreon

Also posted a wip for the first early access patreon pic :) Starting next month I'll be doin polls as well!

I wish you all a very nice december!


Posted by Parsujera - July 25th, 2021


I'm opening 3 slots for my digital art classes!

I teach from very basics of digital art to fully colored pictures :) Classes are done on my discord server, at Monday / Thursday / Saturday from from 5~8 PM(GMT -3, Brasilia time)

Classes are taken via my discord server, we stream n draw together. Also, I'm open to help my students any time of the week :D

Price is 15 USD / month. If interested, send me a DM here or on my twitter Parsu's Stuff ūüĒě (@parsujera) / Twitter <3

That's it for now :D Also, just got my first dose this week! Body hurts but I couldn't be happier haha


Posted by Parsujera - January 26th, 2021

Hey people! Another reminder that I'll start giving drawing / digital painting classes by feb 15th!

Rn I have classes at Monday and Thursday, from 5~8 PM and 9PM~midnight (GMT -3, Brasilia time)

We have 3 slots for students left!

More info: https://parsujera.newgrounds.com/news/post/1138456


Posted by Parsujera - January 18th, 2021

Hey fellas! UPDATE TIME

I plan on start giving drawing classes by feb 15!

Classes will be done via my Discord server, via audio or text (which one you prefer)

2 classes per week: one for studying what you need and other what you like!

Also you'll have access to my server so I can send feedback etc whenever needed.

Price is 15 Usd / Month. Payment via paypal :)

If you're interested, send me:

- which days of the week you guys want and / or are free to have classes?

- which time of the day you guys want and / or are free to have classes?

- would you be more comfortable having classes via voice or text?

- Time zone you live in

I'll open 5 slots this time. Depending on how it goes I'll open more later :)

If interested send me a DM or contact me on parsujeransfw@gmail.com


Posted by Parsujera - November 3rd, 2020

Heey! Took some time to rest but now I'm back! First of all, thanks for the feedback with my school thingy idea. Gonna explain in details now!

I want to form a group of 15 - 20 ppl (I don't think I'd handle more haha) to have 2 classes of 3 per week + feedback on lessons / personal drawings whenever needed, at the price of 20 USD / month.

Classes would happen in discord. I plan on dividing people into groups based on time zones etc, as I have free time all week and can adapt it to work with groups etc

I don't reaally want to record or put stuff on gumroad etc, I want to give people the experience I had with drawing classes, which was a small group having an close learning experiencie with the teacher. People had different skill levels 

and helped each other constantly, which was really awesome. Price is exactly what I used to pay when I started taking classes (Based on BR currency), and honestly I just want continue what my teachers started. 

I'll prob start them by january, as I need to work on several lessons etc haha

Hope I've been clear! Have a nice one everybody :)


Posted by Parsujera - October 27th, 2020

Heeey people!! I have some important questions to ask you guys: Would you be interest in having digital art classes with me? Teaching and helping people with art

is something I always loved and, unfortunately, It never worked out IRL. If there's enough interest we can discuss prices n etc, I'd love to start working with it :)

I'm working on a DS server rn if anyone wants to talk a bit or see me stream etc. Dunno why but streaming gets me pretty anxious, so I'll start with DS and see where it goes haha


Posted by Parsujera - November 23rd, 2018

I'll be posting both sfw and nsfw here :) Prob mostly nsfw as it's what I've been working on more lately haha 

Thx for your support! Be sure to follow me on other sites as well:

Deviantart   Twitter   HF

You can contact me at parsujeransfw@gmail.com